Review | Horizon Chase Turbo: Rookie Series DLC

Disclaimer – My opinion of Horizon Chase Turbo: Rookie Series is based on my experience with the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Horizon Chase Turbo is easily one of the best racing experiences you can have on the Nintendo Switch. Speed, handling, content, music and visuals all combine to ensure you stay in a drug-like haze whilst you race. The only potential downside was how difficult the game could be, especially for young, new, or inexperienced gamers – like my wife.

This is where the aptly named, ‘Rookie Series’ comes in. This free piece of a DLC aims to deliver the core ‘World Tour’ experience of the base game in a beginner friendly manner. In order to do this, Rookie Series removes collectible coins and fuel management, whilst also reducing the number of cars on each track. This allows newbies to focus on the race, and not be bogged down with options systems, in addition to making overtaking slightly easier by diluting how many contenders are in your way.

Rookie Series also has a curated set of tracks that spans the globe. Each country you visit has two races associated with it (as opposed to four-to-six), and these tend to be the less complex tracks, although a few tricky ones managed to sneak their way in. Being a pro, I got my wife to complete the whole Series to see if she could pick up the game and have some fun with it. She completed it in one sitting, was having a blast and is absolutely ready to jump into the main game and collect some coins.

The final addition to the Rookie Series is a new car to mess around with. This little guy is quite literally a learner car and comes with a focus on handling, without sacrificing too much speed. This removes the need to trawl through cars and compare stats constantly, and just puts you behind the wheel. Upgrades are also automatically applied as you progress and you will also unlock some additional cars from the base game to toy around with, although the roster has been severely limited, which is a good thing in this instance.

Upon completing the Rookie Series, you are rewarded with a driver’s license, showing the world that you are now a qualified Horizon Chase Turbo player and are now ready to hop into World Tour, Championship and Endurance mode. This reward is a charming little high five that will appeal to children especially, although my wife was certainly overjoyed with her virtual piece of paper as well. You can even take your learner wheels into the main game if you wanted, which is a nice touch.

Horizon Chase Turbo was already a fantastic experience, and now with the inclusion of Rookie Series, the game has managed to provide the perfect training ground for new players. Whilst the mode doesn’t have much to offer veterans,, the pack is completely free and absolutely worth a download.

Toast Seal Of Approval

Check out my review of Horizon Chase Turbo for more info on the base experience, mechanics and all that jazz. I have also reviewed Horizon Chase Turbo: Summer Vibes if you wanted to have a gander at the game’s other DLC offering.

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