Review | Horizon Chase Turbo: Summer Vibes DLC

Disclaimer – My opinion of Horizon Chase Turbo: Summer Vibes is based on my experience with the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

How does one improve upon one of the greatest racing games to grace the Switch? The answer is surprisingly simple really in this case – by adding DLC. Thankfully Aquiris are a wise bunch, and have done just that with Horizon Chase Turbo: Summer Vibes. A cheap, cheery and easy to digest bundle of content that gives a game with legs rivaling a giraffe, an even great gate. 

Everything you know and love about Horizon Chase Turbo’s hyper fast, frantic gameplay remains intact with Summer Vibes. This is quite literally more of the same; in more ways than one. The pack comes with a whopping 12 new tracks for you to dominate in a self contained mini-campaign aptly named, Summer Vibes. As with the original, the ultimate goal is to nab gold across all tracks, with the option extra of picking up medallions to upgrade to ‘Super Gold’. 

Each of the new tracks has been given an extra special layer of paint making these new tracks look even better than the original’s 100+. Each track is heavily themed to fit Summer Vibes unabashedly ‘Outrun’ inspired vision, which means you will be zipping down coast roads with chunky palm trees and blazing sunshine to keep you company.

It has to be said however, that these 12 tracks are not actually new; instead they are remixed from already established tracks that can be found in the ‘World Tour’ mode of the base game. This is a crying shame admittedly, however I have to admit, I didn’t notice. At all. This is likely down to the sheer number of tracks available in Horizon in addition to the new coat of paint covering up suspiciously similar bends you may have picked up on otherwise. 

What is all new however, is the brand spankingly glorious ‘Breeze’. Like everything else in Summer Vibes, this beauty is inspired by the classic Ferrari found in Outrun. Packing some fantastic stats, specifically handling and top speed, this new set of wheels is a blast to get to grips with and can even be taken outside of Summer Vibes and into any of Horizon’s other modes. What’s more, if you manage to finish favourably in various races during the Summer Vibes campaign, you will unlock some snazzy looking alternate colours for your new ride, giving you some incentive to go back and replay some of those fancy new courses.

Which, honestly, you will probably have to do anyway. Unlike ‘Rookie Series’, Summer Vibes does not hold your hand when it comes to difficulty. The AI seems to be extra aggressive, making this one of the more difficult challenges to complete, especially if you go for Super Gold. Overall, the package will take you an hour or so to complete, providing you have some skill behind the wheel. If you are looking to 100% the DLC, be prepared to double that. 

Horizon Chase Turbo was already a phenomenal experience, and Summer Vibes gives you more of that. Sure the tracks are not 100% new, but that didn’t bother me in the slightest. As an excuse to play more Horizon, with the added bonus of getting my mits on a sexy ride, Summer Vibes delivers. Finally, as a final cherry on top of the decadent cake, the pack comes in at under £2.00, which if you ask me, is a bloody steal. 

Toast Seal Of Approval

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