About Me

Hey future toast, crumpets and muffins, and welcome to my Blog – Games With Toasty!

So, to the nitty gritty: ‘Who is this man?’ and ‘why am I here?’ Fair question dear reader. I began my extensive career in gaming when my dear old papa (never to be referred to as that again) was playing Lylat Wars (Star Fox) on the N64. This is a game that engrossed me entirely in my youth, and a game I have yet to actually play. From this early experience, I was thrust into the 90’s gaming scene and spent my days as a gamer nerd.

From these nerdy beginnings, I took to the pen and wrote my first ever review – Ninja Gaiden Black for the Xbox. What a game! I wrote with all the untamed passion of a wild tortoise in mouth watering anticipation for its comparatively mediocre sequel -Ninja Gaiden 2. Hundreds of reviews, dozens of websites, a few videos and a couple podcasts later and here I am – laid bare before you all in my buttery entirety, ready to rock your socks off with some tasty literacy. Open up, slide in and set your toaster to 3, you’re in for a carbs filled ride through gaming.

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