Halo Infinite Behemoth Map Guide

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Halo Infinite has been out for a little while now, and players are starting to get the hang of all the intricate mechanics, controller tweaks, and hyper-slick gameplay. Thankfully, it isn’t all that hard to learn – mastery is where things get a bit tricky.

Halo Infinite has 10 Maps (currently) split over its three playlists. Each map is a finely tuned machine with multiple routes for players to trundle through. Today we are looking at Behemoth – one of the larger 4v4 Maps and giving you a rundown on where to go, and why.

Starting Spawn

Halo Infinite Behemoth Map Guide

Halo Infinite’s Behemoth is a fairly beefy map, and as a result, it is packed with corridors, hidden items, vehicles and alternate routes through its deserty dunes. Your spawn point highlights the primary ways you can advance and gives ballsy players a way to get straight into the action and cautious players less direct routes.

Gravity Launchers

Halo Infinite Behemoth Map Guide

These are what you would take if you wanted to get into the action quickly. Many players opt to take this route, which means you will be in for quite the scrap. There are four launchers in total, two for each team, and they will catapult you to the centre-left or centre-right of the map. 

These two positions are incredibly advantageous for the team that manages to claim dominance in the opening skirmish. This is mostly because of the placement of Power Weapons and Vehicles. If you can push your way through, you can nab yourself anything from a Warthog to a Ghost in the early game, and, Banshees and Scorpions in the late game.

Under Bridges and Through Tunnels

Halo Infinite Behemoth Map Guide

Another opening gambit is to navigate the underbelly of the map. Behemoth has an underground section of the map that is instantly accessible from your spawn. You have two ways of accessing these tunnels, and both have their merits. 

Running straight forward will lead you to a quick-access shoot to the underground. This is the quickest way to get down into the underbelly, and just to the left and right of the chute are two weapon stations. These tend to stock Commandos and Battle Rifles – both of which are fine guns. You may also find Manglers here.

Alternatively, you can drop off the starting bridge and go a slightly longer way into the underground segment. There are, of course, benefits to delaying your opening push, with the biggest being the acquisition of the Grappleshot which always spawns under your spawn bridge. The weapon station directly at the entrance tends to spawn weapons like Needlers, which are very useful down here.

Less Obvious Openings

Halo Infinite Behemoth Map Guide

Gravity Launchers and underground passageways are easily the most used paths when wandering around Behemoth, but they aren’t the only places to go. If you instead immediately turn to your left (or right based on the team), you will see a Mongoose. The Mongoose is a very useful vehicle that you can leverage for a quick flag capture.

Not only that, but powerful weapons also spawn near your team’s Mongoose, such as the Hydra or Ravager. Whilst not the most devastating weapons in the game, the Hydra and Ravager are fantastic support pieces. Considering this opening is the slowest, having access to these support weapons can help you change the tide of an early clash.

Another thing to remember is that this underground passage can be used to quickly move the flag across the map. The chute is directly in front of the flag pedestal, making it very easy to get to.

Power Weapons

Halo Infinite Behemoth Map Guide

Behemoth is a chunky beast that could probably hold twice as many players and still play like a dream. Because it’s so open, the power weapons on offer cycle between the Skewer and the Sniper Rifle. These two weapons can radically change the flow of a battle. What’s more, they spawn in ideal sniping spots, giving you quite the hidey-hole.

Whilst neither weapon is as devastating as a SPNKR, Gravity Hammer, or Energy Sword due to their precision nature, they can seriously pack a punch. A big thing to consider is the vehicles that spawn on this map, and the efficacy in which these weapons handle them. The Sniper Rifle in particular can destroy a Banshee in just two shots, which is not something to scoff at.

Active Camouflage and Overshields Inbound

Power weapons maybe, well, powerful, but they aren’t the only game-changers on Behemoth. Active Camouflage or Overshields will spawn in regularly and tend to be hotly contested for their tactical swing. 

They spawn under Behemoth, meaning you will need to access the underground tunnel/underground bridge. This location is fairly safe from outside intervention, but due to the bridgey nature of the spawn, it can get messy if both teams start pushing across the bridge. 

Overshields often result in a free kill thanks to the increase in health, whilst the Active Camouflage can be used to ambush players, flank, or just sneak into their base and twock their flag. Both operate on a timer, however, so make use of them whilst they are active.

Other Notable Locations

We’ve covered the main areas of concern when it comes to Behemoth, but there are a few little areas that deserve a mention. This includes things like extra grenades or equipment spawns that can give you and your team an advantage in a scrap.


Halo Infinite Behemoth Map Guide

Frag Grenades are fantastic at putting pressure on the enemy, but Halo Infinite has more than your standard shrapnel-maker. Things like plasma grenades also spawn onto the map, however, they are a bit risky to go for since they effectively exist in No-Man’s-Land. That being said, making the trek out to nab them can be worth it.

Because of the frequent vehicle spawns on Behemoth, having a quick way to dispatch them can turn the tide, and Plasma, Spike and Dynamo grenades all do the trick. No-Man’s-Land exists just down the hill from where you land after hopping on a Gravity Launcher. 

Drop Walls and Repulsors

The final areas of note are the side passages that exist on the flanks of No-Man’s-Land. These little corridors offer protection in a pinch since there are not too many direct lanes of fire into them, giving you a quick escape if you end up in a bind. They also contain the very useful Repulsor and Drop Wall items.

The Drop Wall is probably the weaker of the two simply because it breaks pretty easily, but it can be combined with the Sniper Rifle to line up a headshot. The Repulsor is much more useful, however. The most obvious benefit is the numerous instant-death zones on Behemoth. You can easily knock someone out of bounds and get a free kill just by blasting them with this bad lad.

Not only that, there is a silly amount of utility packed into this thing. Skewers and grenades are a constant threat, and the Repulsor straight up counters them. If a grenade is getting lobbed towards you, then blast it right back at the enemy. 

Finally, you can use it to gain extra mobility. If you aim the Repulsor at the ground whilst jumping, you will launch yourself into the air for a super jump. This can allow you to reach new heights, or just get the drop on an unsuspecting enemy. It’s a very potent piece of kit.

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