PODCAST – Is The Steam Deck A Switch Killer?

Steam Deck
Steam Deck

Nintendo has always dominated the handheld game market. From Game and Watch, to Gameboy, to DS, Nintendo has been on top dog. Contenders such as Sega, Sony and Atari have come and gone, and the Big N have yet to break a sweat. Heck, the Vita was practically dead on arrival. The Switch is, of course, Nintendo’s latest foray into the handheld scene, and with 80+million units sold, they’ve managed to maintain their dominance. Enter Valve, a plucky publisher and developer who set up a little platform called Steam – you may have heard of it. Well, those guys have announced a potential contender – the Steam Deck, and, if social media discourse is to be believed, is set to be the “Switch killer”.

Today I take a look at the Steam Deck, the Switch, Valve and Nintendo, and discuss my thoughts on the upcoming Handheld Console War.

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