Death Guard, Necrons and White Scars, Oh My!

It’s that time of the week again folks – it’s Warhammer Wednesday! After some suggestions from some kind folks over on Reddit, I thought I would do a bit of a hobby round-up this week, and cover some of the things I’ve been doing. Spoiler – mostly building. If you want to see some shoddily constructed figures and read my impressions on the kit, then this is the place for you. In future Round-Ups, I intend to show off some painted stuff, as well as stuff I am in the process of painting. For now, you get a bunch of bare ass, naked plastic. 

Death Guard

Ah, the Death Guard. I have always been a fan of Grandfather Nurgle, but I have never gotten around to collecting an army. This has, quite clearly, changed. I picked up the Combat Patrol box earlier this week and got to work building these bad-boys up. Firstly, these models are absolutely GORGEOUS. Not in the traditional sense, of course. No, the Death Guard are disgustingly abhorrent, but in all the right ways. When something is viciously vomiting inducing whilst maintaining a genuine allure of beauty, you know you’ve touched on something special.

I’ve never been a huge fan of building Space Marines, so I got quite the surprise when I found myself enjoying these guys the most. You get seven of these thiic-boys (praise be the holy number), and they come packaged with hods of customisable bits. Like most modern GW products, a lot of these parts are intended to be matched up, but it’s fairly easy to make a hodge-podge squad of chaps. For me though, I stuck to the basics and whipped up 4 basic dudes with guns, a Champion for fisting people, a flail for whooping people and a Blight Launcher for a bit of flair. 

Whilst you get a whopping 30 Pox Walkers in this set, I only built 20 of these little blighters. When it came to building them, they were a cinch. 90% of them are completed by glueing one part, so I was able to blitz the squad in about an hours (including clean up). These guys are brimming with personality and charm, and I especially liked the big toothy grins they had on their faces. It’s almost like they were having a hoot running around with their intestines hanging out. 

The big-man himself – Typhus. I would argue he is ALMOST over-designed. This model has a lot going on, and I can imagine it is quite difficult to paint as a result. Not content with being filled to the brim with the Destroyer Hive, Typhus is absolutely bursting with detail. His Scythe in particular looks vicious in a way nothing else in the set managed to achieve. He is the least corrupted of the bunch, but that’s not to say he isn’t clearly a Nurgle model. Heck, the guy literally has Nurglings and insects swarming around him! Like with everything else in this set, he was incredibly easy to build, with the only awkward part in his construction being his cloak.

The Biologus Putrifier is one of the coolest models I have ever laid my eyes on, and probably my favourite single model in the set. Not only does he has an awesome gas mask wrapped around his bonce, but he has wings made from what I can only describe as spines – oh, and the feathers are actually grenades. What’s not to like? He was an absolute pleasure to build, with everything snapping together with ease. On the table, I am very excited to mess around with his buffs and grenade shenanigans.


Ah, the Doom Stalker – what’s not to like? In-game, he is packing an insane weapon on a durable platform. On the crafting table, he is a ‘War of the Worlds’ inspired beast. Standing at approx 13billion feet tall and is built in roughly 10 minutes thanks to a fantastically designed ‘snap fit’ kit, ]I am glad I picked one up. Heck, I picked up two as they are also incredibly cheap (by GW standards).

That second image may LOOK like a Doom Stalker, but it is, in fact, a Reanimator. I really liked this model. It’s not as outlandishly massive as the Doom Stalker but maintains that models innate style. I love it. I like the model so much I might even squeeze one into my Necron list. To be fair, it has just seen a points deduction…how bad could that be?

Lychguard…my god. I HATED building these guys. I think I have been spoilt with modern GW kits, as these were thoroughly unpleasant to build. I’ve never been a fan of attaching hands as it inevitably turns into a bit of gluey mess, which is just a pain. I think I spent more time on these five models than I did on the entirety of the Death Guard Combat Patrol. I was not impressed. I’ve had a similar hair-pulling moments when I was building my Catacomb Command Barge a few months back – maybe it is just that phase of Necrons that is a twat to build?

Ten more warriors join the horde. My original 10 had a bit of a…mishap resulting in me having nine Flayers and one Reaper Warrior. I amended this issue with this batch of ten, hence the nine Reapers and one Flayer Warrior. Easy enough to build, but a little bit messy in places. A decent paint job should cover up any mistakes…hopefully.

I wasn’t going to build the Skorpekh Lord originally. He seemed a bit underwhelming on the table, so I thought I would give him a miss for now. Well, that idea was thrown out the window because, as you can see, I built him. His arms were a little bit awkward, but other than that, he was a super quick build and much, much bigger than I first thought. He towers over most infantry models (if not all of them?) and looks like he could rip your spine out through your ears. Top bloke. Might have to bring him along too.

White Scars

Another easy build. There is basically nothing customisable about this guy (the alt-head is hideous…), but he goes together like bread in a toaster. He has a really cool pose, which I honestly didn’t expect when I picked him up. Unlike the other bikes I own, this guy has actually pulled over to wave at his enemies – what a boss. The fact he has a bible strapped to his bike is just icing on the cake.

Kor’sarro Khan – what a sweet model. Super simple to build, a striking pose and covered in details – he screams personality. If my son wasn’t collecting White Scars, I’d be tempted to pick them up just use this model. I couldn’t tell you why I like it so much, it just tickles me in the right spot. Could be his eagle. Heck, it could be his sweet stache. Quality mini.


This guy arrived at my doorstep a couple days ago. It took over two months for him to arrive from GW, but the wait was worth it. This guy is a beautiful model. The fact he is based on an older model by GW, who was in turn, based on a piece of classic GW art, makes it all the better. I am happily adding him to my Ork Kollection and he will be a stand-in for whatever I god-damn please. Probably a Flash Git. You telling me this guy has been rampaging through the galaxy for 30 IRL years and hasn’t kunningly upgraded his Slugga? Didn’t think so.

What’s Next?

Considering the sheer quantity of things I have built this week, I think I need to crack on with some painting! Next week, providing I don’t get too tied up with other projects (I’m looking at you, University…), then I should get a bunch of these minis painted. Once I have gotten each of these four 1000 point armies done up, it might be time to post some battle reports – maybe even record some. Who knows?

Let me know in the comments below what you think of my on-going projects, and if you would be interested in reading/watching me and my son play some games from time to time. If there is any other content you would like covered, drop me a line too – the more Warhammer I can cover, the better!

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