Honoured of the Chapter Looks Snazzy

During last weeks Warhammer Wednesday I went off one one and threw all of my toys out of my pram. Needless to say, I was a tad peeved at Games Workshop for gating products behind a fairly expensive box for an indeterminate amount of time. GW have parried my scathing criticism and hit back with a solid right hook comprised entirely of plastic bits that, if I’m being honest, has taken me completely by surprise.

I love Indomitus. Probably more than I love my children. The amount of plastic you received in that humongous box was truly staggering. Heck, I don’t think we will see a box of that quality, for the price, ever again. Unfortunately, that box is no longer in production and a couple of mini’s have not seen a full out-of-box release…until now. Now we have the Honoured of the Chapter box.

What’s In The Box?

  • x3 Bladeguard Veterans
  • x1 Bladeguard Ancient
  • x3 Eradicators
  • x1 Judiciar
  • x1 Chaplain

If I was being a naughty lad, I would hope this set would come in around £50-£60, although I suspect it might be a tad higher. That being said this set is shaping up to be fantastic value for money.

Why? Bladeguard and Eradicators are bloody expensive, coming in at over £30 a pop. If this set is under £60, or even a few bobs over, this could be the preferred method when it comes to picking the models up. Ignoring those guys, the other models in this set are fantastic on the board and are mighty fine sculpts in their own right. The Judiciar is a great unit that can do a surprising amount of damage thanks to his time-fiddling hourglass and big-ass sword. The Ancient is especially good In the recent Dark Angels codex and Chaplains, in many chapters, can be kitted to extreme levels. Every model in the Honoured of the Chapter kit is solid gold.

Is It Worth it?

Needless to say, this is great news for Marine players who missed out on Indom. Even those who picked up Indom can pick this up and go crazy on tanky-bois and melta-dudes. Of course, if GW price this in a way that is blatantly insane, then the value plummets. I do suspect they will price these pretty fairly though. This is just one sprue after all.

Even if you don’t want the set itself, this is fantastic news for those who trawl eBay as all of these models will suddenly flood the market again. This should drive prices DOWN, letting you pick up some expensive guys for a low price. It’s a win, win scenario.

Of course, I’d prefer if we didn’t have models locked behind a set like Indomitus (or the Pariah Nexus…) but in this case, GW has been on the ball when it comes to making the models available in a reasonable amount of time. Clearly, if I was to complain, I’d sound like a bit of a prick. So I won’t, and honestly, I can’t. The Honoured of the Chapter box is great. Well done Geedubs, you did good.

Check out the Necron half of the is release called: The Royal Court. That set isn’t quite as good…

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4 thoughts on “Honoured of the Chapter Looks Snazzy

  1. The asking price in Australia is insane… $230 for a single large sprue. I paid about the same for the entire Indomitus box.
    I don’w know what the business folks at GW are smoking, but whatever it is, it’s some pretty crazy stuff.


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