OctaFight – Switch Review

Full Disclosure: Review Code for OctaFight was provided by Silesia Games.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been quite the kick in the nads. When it comes to getting together with a group of besties and knocking out a few multiplayer titles with a smattering of inebriation, well, it just doesn’t happen. Needless to say, these restrictions have caused quite an issue when playing multiplayer titles. Developers trundle on, however, unperturbed by the situation we have all found ourselves in. This is where OctaFight by Silesia Games comes in.

Simple But Effective

OctaFight is, for the lack of a better term, a simple title. This can be applied to practically the entire experience, but for now, I will focus on the gameplay. Matches take place in a 2D arena. These are filled with various platforms, walls and general obstacles for you to navigate. The goal is to lob a bomb at your opponent(s) and watch as they die. Ideally, before they do the same to you. That’s it. The controls are smooth, the jumping is satisfyingly floaty and bombs reveal their blast radius when thrown which lead to more than a couple of instances of players screaming while trying to escape. 


While the act of playing the game is very straightforward, it does come with several additional modifiers to customise each game. You can change the parameters to alter gravity or darken the map. You could change how bombs interact by making them bounce, or even stick. Winning a game requires points, so you can alter how many you need to mop up etc. There’s also a decent selection of maps on offer which adds a fair amount of variety if you start fiddling about under the hood.

Fun In Short Bursts

I found OctaFight to be fun to play, but not necessarily something I wanted to play for very long. This is in part due to the fact this is a couch-multiplayer game only. OctaFight, as the name suggests, can be played with up to eight players, but I could only get three at any one time because of pandemic based restrictions. This massively impeded the game’s longevity and even the inclusion of bots would have gone a long way.


Somewhat irritatingly, OctaFight locks a fair amount of its customisation behind a shop. The shop uses in-game currency that is gathered as you play the game. For a game lacking in content, locking that content behind an in-game paywall didn’t sit right with me. It does give the incentive to keep playing, but after a couple of hours, the game had overstayed its welcome. There simply wasn’t enough here to keep my attention – or my families for that matter.

On the plus side, the game looks and sounds great. It runs with an incredibly minimalistic style that touched me in a way only chunky pixels can. The performance was also top-notch, although I was unable to test the game with eight-players, so it may vary in larger groups. 

Is It Worth A Look?

OctaFight isn’t a bad game. Far from it. It’s an enjoyable, but shortlived, experience. It’s certainly something I will come back to in the future – probably with a gaggle of mates. That being said, unless you have three-eight people to play with, I would say OctaFight is not worth your time though.

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