Warhammer Wednesday | Kill Team: Pariah Nexus Is Everything Wrong With Games Workshop

I am a massive Games Workshop fan. I can’t help it. No matter how much they bend me over and smack my cheeks, they always find a way back into my heart. Nostalgia is a sumptuously abhorrent thing my friends. Because of this history, and love of their product, I overlook a lot of their nonsense. Not anymore. Kill Team: Pariah Nexus is an insult. Plain and simple.

Let me set the scene: Games Workshop announces and teases brand-spanking-new models for Necrons and Space Marines. These are the beautifully resculpted Flayed Ones, the opulent Chronomancer, the chonka Heavy Intercessors and a pretty sweet Primaris Captain. We even get Codices showing us how awesome these models are on the table. This was six months ago. There hasn’t been a peep about these models for a whole six months. 

As a Necron player, and with a son who is an avid Marine-head, these models would be perfect for our collections and, in the case of the thiic-boys and time-wizard, would round off our armies nicely. So what does Games Workshop do? Make the most anti-consumer marketing decision they have ever made. Considering who we are talking about, that is a seriously big dose of douche-baggery.

Instead of giving 40k fans new kits in which to purchase separately, they bundle these models in a new starter set. Again. This starter costs almost £100 to pick up and contains only 12 models. 12. I told my partner this and she choked on her scone and died (the funeral is next week). This is an affront of the highest order. The unit size for Flayed Ones is 20, and you get 5. Most Necron players want 2-3 Chronomancers in their force. Marine players want at least a full squad of 10 tubby-lads. It could, theoretically, cost you £400 to get a single unit. 

Don’t come at me and say I could just buy them separately off of eBay. Of course I can, but that’s not the point. Whales and scalpers will suck these sets up and overcharge for the models individually. Once again screwing over the consumer. What’s even worse, is that this set is terrible for Kill Team. I don’t play Kill Team, but I know a fair few people who do. They have been gasping for new content, and Games Workshop shafts them in the arse with an awful set that is designed to milk 40k players dry. How classy.

Eventually, these units will be released individually. How long do we have to wait though? Weeks? Months? We are STILL waiting for some units to be released from Indomitus. Crypt Thralls and Plasmancers are practically forgotten about. Heck, remember Assault on Black Reach? That set from like a decade ago? Ork players haven’t gotten all the models from that set yet. It took months to get Ragnar and crew released from their god-awful themed set. It’s just not acceptable.

The big GW can dismount this horse and go screw someone else’s Shetland. Their fandom deserves better than this. £100 for 12 models. Come on people. That is so expensive that I am pretty sure Australians would need to remortgage their house if they wanted to pick it up. First, the buggers raised their prices during a global bloody pandemic, then they demand we deepthroat their anti-consumer dingus. Speak with your wallet and tell them to get porked by Slaanesh.

Feel free to lob abuse in the comments. I am available at all hours to sprinkle salt on your chips.

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7 thoughts on “Warhammer Wednesday | Kill Team: Pariah Nexus Is Everything Wrong With Games Workshop

      1. They’d be wise to do that… I have a $300 printer, and it produces the same quality that they use for their prototype machines (ever notice they actually use a 4k high-resolution SLA printer for prototypes? when they announce a new model, like the last Eisenhorn, you can actually see the stratification between layers)

        Look up sites like Warlayer.com, or The Maker’s Cult. Their sculpts are fantastic, and they get a pretty penny. plus the models are recognizable enough that it’s easy to enforce copyright

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      2. Hopefully one day. Plenty of places, like you said, sell files. I think I saw a subscription service advertised on social media the other day.


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