News | Paper Mario: The Origami King Has Series Topping Launch

The good news surrounding Nintendo, and it’s growing pile of cash, continues to roll in like a fumbled coin. If Animal Crossing and Xenoblade’s success weren’t enough, Paper Mario: The Origami King has had the best launch the series has ever had, according to NPD Group.  What is even more impressive, Origami King stood its ground against some of the biggest games of the year such as  Ghost of Tsushima and Call of Duty, landing in third place across all formats. 

In fact, Origami King more than doubled fan-favourite Thousand Year Door’s (NGC) launch sales, knocking that game down a still respectable third place, with Super Paper Mario (Wii) taking up the number two spot.

Finally, none of these factor into digital sales. Considering how positive Nintendo’s eShop sales have been so far, it would certainly be interesting to see how Nintendo’s latest first party title holds up overall.


Have you picked up Origami King? Have you been enjoying Mario’s latest paper adventure? Let me know in the comments below.

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