News | The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines Launches This Week

Things have been a bit dire lately for spiffy e-shop games, however there is a promising title just on the horizon. The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines, launches later this week. Prepare yoursevles for a twin-stick shooter with a time-based twist.

Players take control of newly recruited Gregor, the newest member of the Eternal Fellowship. He is tasked with returning the Fellowship’s capital to its former glory. Oh, and he can stop time.

Feast your eyes on this rather snazzy trailer:

There is even a feature list to have a gander at –

The Ambassador features:

• Fast paced, strategic combat designed to stretch your time-stopping abilities.

• A vast world composed of fortresses, tall mountains, dense forests, and the smoldering remains of Tamaris.

• An action-packed campaign spanning five unique environments, two timelines, and 55 levels.

• An armory of weapons, magic trinkets, and armor, all more unique than the last.

• 20 hidden journals containing the history of the realm.

• Tough as nails Horde Mode after completion of the campaign.

• Multiple difficulty settings ranging from easy and accessible to head-smashing-into-desk mode!

Is The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines up your alley? Will you be picking it up on 13th August? Let me know in the comments below.

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