News | Shiny Amoonguss Is Available For Free, Courtesy Of Pokémon Korea

Pokémon Sword and Shield owners rejoice, thanks to Pokémon Korea, players can swipe a free shiny, Amoonguss. 

This swanky little fella is a Grass-Poison type that typically sports a red and white scheme. The shiny variant is rocking a rather fantastic blue and white combo, and is based off of Baik Jongyoon’s World Championship Amoonguss, adds even more pazazz.

The code you need to punch into your ‘Mystery Gift’ menu is: TRA1NERSCUP

This may come from Pokémon Korea, however the code is valid for players worldwide, so absolutely jump on this opportunity to grab one for free. As we all know, shiny hunting is usually very time consuming!

Thanks to Serebii, we also know how competent this ‘mon is in combat. It comes with Clear Smog, Spore, Protect and Rage Powder and is packing some strong IV’s to sweeten the deal. 

You better jump on this fast as the code is only valid until 14:49 UTC on 10th August!

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