Coronavirus and the Future of the Blog

Hey baguettes, Toast here. With the Coronavirus resulting in the Lockdown of the UK, my content schedule unfortunately has had to change. This is mainly due to having 2 kids and the need to homeschool in order to keep their lil’ brains active.

So as of today, there will be no schedule and therefore content will be sporadic at best. The Mega Mega Man Marathon will be put on hold, the planned DOOM marathon will also be on hold. Reviews will likely be reduced to a Quickie Review to save time, and my Darkest Dungeon narrative campaign will be put on the aforementioned hold list.

It is a royal pain in the arse that this has had to happen, especially after the blog has come so far. Hopefully this all blows over soon and we can get back to our regular lives. Until then, stay safe.

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