Guests On Toast #4 – Knightin’+ Nintendo Switch Review

Hey all, in this edition of ‘Guests On Toast‘, I have been hard at work playing Knightin’+ for the wonderful people of Nook Gaming. Enjoy this small excerpt from the review, and make sure to check out the full review at the link below.

As if applying a fatal dose of Lidocaine to your cerebral cortex wasn’t enough, then Knightin’+’s presentation will ensure your brain turns off between boss-bashing. Whilst undeniably a prettier game than its 34-year-old inspiration, it has done very little to truly improve upon its NES roots. Rooms and backgrounds feel almost recycled from dungeon to dungeon, with only a palette swap to differentiate them. Enemy and character designs are top-notch however, with bosses, once again, taking the cake. These guys look fantastic with detail coming out of the wazoo, and special effects that really pop against the retro backdrop. I am a sucker for pixel art, and Knightin+’ does manage to provide the goods for the most part.

Check out the full review here

Have you played Knightin’+? Do you intend to? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below

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