Guests On Toast #1 – Stardew Valley Mini-Review

Disclaimer – Guests would normally have there social media p lugged, and all of that jazz. Vanilla Brioche did not want her medias published, which is why they have not been included.

Today is a momentous day, as I have a wonderfully written Guest Review by the wonderfully blunt Vanilla Brioche. She wrote an incredibly brief mini-review for the critically acclaimed Stardew Valley, and I couldn’t help but get her on board the Toast wagon. If you want to write a mini-review, hot take or even a full review, then get in touch, and I will slot you into the Guests On Toast line up.

Stardew Valley is great. I went and married Shane, who turned out to be a raging alcoholic. Apparently even in my escapist antasy, I can’t help but be drawn to the mental ones. I tried to do some fishing, but it sucks balls. It’s terrible. I couldn’t catch a thing. Also, where are the catfish? I am telling you now, they don’t exist. They are a lie. Farming is fun, but you need sprinklers. I am not cutout for manual labour, so the moment I could get them, I did. I also shouted at Robin for her overpriced buildings. I put food on her table, I demand compensation and a discount. Ranching is awesome, but again, manual labour does not suit me. So I let Marnie rob me blind in order to have the whole process automated. Now I just sit back and relax for days on end. 9/10, would marry Shane again.

Vanilla Brioche – February 2020

There you have it folks, a wonderfully short, almost coherent look at Stardew Valley. If you want to feature on Guests on Toast, drop me a message and we can get it sorted!

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