Mega Mega Man Marathon Monday’s Has Returned!

Hold onto your lemons ladies and gentlemen, as it is that time again. Marathon Monday’s have returned, with the Mega Mega Man Marathon rolling out faster than Optimus Prime in a car wash. Leading up to 2020 I managed to complete 10 Classic Mega Man games, reviewing them all along the way. Now that things have settled down, and 2020 is well underway, I have more games to play. This time I will be delving into the X series – unfurling a review every monday in honour of the Blue Bomber’s numerous achievements. The Marathon will continue up until the conclusion of the X series before taking an incredibly brief break in preparation for part 3 – Mega Man Zero.

I love a good marathon, and Mega Man is a series absolutely worth dedicating months to, if you ever find yourself looking for a challenge. Articles will be dropping as per usual on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday so worry not, this is merely an extra bit of literacy for you to sink your teeth into. Let me know if there are any other games, or series you would like me to marathon because I am absolutely looking to make Marathon Monday a thing!

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