Quickie Reviews – #RaceDieRun – Nintendo Switch – 10 Days of Qubic

Quickie Reviews is a super quick run down of a game I don’t have time to dedicate a full review to. That doesn’t mean I won’t come back to it later and drop a full ramble. Basically, if you want a review but don’t want to read 20 paragraphs, then these are for you!

There is a certain type of game that I will vehemnetly deny I like, whilst simultaeneously playing for hours on end filled with joyous glee – high score racers. I simply can’t get enough of the adrenaline rush, the speed and the desire to hone my skills to perfection. #RaceDieRun is one of those games, and damn, is it a good time.

#RaceDieRun is incredibly simplistic by design. You accelerate automatically, have a boost button that you can hold indefinitly and you can do a quick sidewards dash should you feel the need. You can learn the controls in seconds, although mastering their simplicity is easier said than done.

That is because the game is incredibly hard from the get go, and only ramps up the difficulty as you blaze through its 75 courses. Each one is incredibly short, maybe lasting 20 or so seconds, but you will spend countless minutes, or even hours, learning the track and eventually crossing that finish line. The sense of achievement upon doing so is intoxicating.

But that’s not all. #RaceDieRun has leaderboards. It taunts you with the possibility of going faster, achieving the best times. The difference between 600th and 1st can be a fraction of a second, so the need to ascend the rankings seeps into your very being. Then your eyes glance over to the left and you see the bonus challenges each track contains. To master a track, you need to beat it whilst boosting 100% of the time, never side-dash, achieve an SS ranking and collect the incredibly hard to reach capsule. As a result, there is a fair amount of replay value should you seek to fully conquer it.

Graphically, #RaceDieRun is top notch. It has a wonderfully clean style that allows you to focus on the task at hand with minimal distraction. It draws your attention to the centre of the screen, all the while holding your view with an iron grip. I found myself quickly falling into an almost catatonic state – the “zone”. This ‘pure’ style is enhanced by a very atmospheric, sci-fi sound track that never overpowers, or even complements the action onscreen. It is just there – subtly engaging a seperate part of your brain in a way that keeps you engaged and playing.

#RaceDieRun is a strange game that will not appeal to everyone. It demands a lot of you, and rewards you with nothing but catharsis and the sense of achievement. If you like highscores and fast paced racing, then this is a top notch experience worth playing. Otherwise, you could probably give it a miss.

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