Quickie Reviews – Robonaughts – Nintendo Switch – 10 Days of Qubic

Quickie Reviews’ is a super quick run down of a game I don’t have time to dedicate a full review to. That doesn’t mean I won’t come back to it later and drop a full ramble. Basically, if you want a review but don’t want to read 20 paragraphs, then these are for you!

You are Robonaut, an intergalactic, robotic, space janitor who’s only purpose in life is to clean the vast corridors of a surprisingly phallic space ship. One day you stumble upon a hanger fully decked out with giant death machines, just waiting to go on various space-faring adventures. Being the curious so-and-so you are, you hop in, accidentally launch into space, before crash landing on a nearby planetoid. Whoops.

You wake up and bam, you are let loose upon the universe. Robonauts is a 2D Side Scrolling Shooter that tasks our titular hero with killing a variety of enemies with an equally variety filled arsenal, hopping between planetoids Super Mario Galaxy style. Along the way you will travel the galaxy and complete a dozen or so missions, each with different unique objectives. It is simple jumpy-pumpy(shotgun) fun that anyone can pick up and play.

As you are saving the galaxy as a badass mini robot in corking big suit of death, you will be bombarded with bright, colourful visuals and a soundtrack that gets the heart pumping faster than a caffeine drip. Explosions are satisfying, lasers look bright and everything just screams charm. Heck, the game even has sentient lifeforms as health pickups called, Bloobs. I love it. Sure when you get to the nitty gritty, it is a bit low budget, but this is a cheap (or free) game that looks and plays great when in motion.

When you are not killing and/or destroying everything that moves, you can kill and/or destroy everything that moves with a friend, thanks to glorious power of couch co-op. This is split between competitive and co-operative modes and both are great fun. I’d venture to say that competitive could do with some tweaks to respawn timers, but ultimately, it is a solid multiplayer offering that can be played using only one set of joy-cons.

Robonauts is a fun little shooter that can provide a couple hours of fun for a reasonable price. It is just long enough to keep your attention for the duration and is absolutely worth a little look.

Let me know in the comments below if you are picking up this indie gem, or if you got it for free during the Qubic Games giveaway.

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