Quickie Reviews – Puzzle Book – Nintendo Switch – 10 Days of Qubic

Quickie Reviews’ is a super quick run down of a game I don’t have time to dedicate a full review to. That doesn’t mean I won’t come back to it later and drop a full ramble. Basically, if you want a review but don’t want to read 20 paragraphs, then these are for you!

Growing up I loved jigsaw puzzles, as a teen I loved the Jigsaw killer and now I have reached the ripe old age of redacted, I got back into slotting those little cardboard pieces together. Puzzle Book by Qubic Games aims to capture that childhood hobby and make a relaxing puzzle game for all the family. How does it hold up to scrutiny though?

Pretty darn well all things considered. Similarly to Qubic’s Colouring Book, Puzzle Book has a bunch of themes and pictures for you to piece together. These range from beautiful fantasy vistas, to mythical creatures. All of these puzzles are downright gorgeous. They even have the artists names under each one, which is a nice touch. For the kiddy-winks, you have some cartoony puzzles, many of which have been pulled directly from Colouring Book, making this an especially good pairing should you child have a joint love of cardboard and crayons.

Artwork aside, there has been a surprising amount of work done to make the game visually, and mechanically pleasing. Every time a puzzle starts, you get a small animation showing the puzzle exploding. Place a piece correctly and it gets an awesome neon glow, and solving the puzzle in its entirety will give you a snazzy completion animation. None of these things needed to be here, but the effort is certainly appreciated.

What makes this game truly tick with people of all ages, is the difficulty selection. You set the number of pieces per puzzle, allowing anybody to pick it up and have a jolly good time. Additionally controlling Puzzle Book is fairly straight forward. You have the of traditional controller inputs or the use of the touch screen. I found the traditional controls to be a little bit finicky, so stuck to the touch screen, and it worked fine. There is a slight input delay, a surprisingly common occurrence with Qubic Games, but considering this is a slow paced jigsaw puzzle, it’s not exactly a deal breaker.

Puzzle Book is a wonderfully relaxing game that is absolutely perfect for kids of all ages. I would even venture to say that adults could find quite a bit of catharsis should they take the plunge. As is common with these games, the entry price is quite low so if you want some mindless jigsawing, or you kids are into this kind of thing, then give this a whirl.

Let me know in the comments if you are going to pick this up, or if you got this during the Qubic Games giveaway.

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