Blog Update – Upload Schedule Changes

Hey, Toast fans, Toasty here. So it has been about four or five months since the last Blog Update, which was quite a serious talk about the future of the blog and all that jazz. Today the update is way less serious, and way more about keeping things consistent and generally snazzy for all my readers.

Since I last talked, the blog has gained quite a lot of momentum. This caused me to buy a domain to keep things looking sparkly ( is now a thing!) and now, to set a dedicated schedule. My posts have been regular, however the days and time I upload are a bit sporadic. Therefore, I am defining a schedule I will be following – or at least try and follow.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday will no longer see any posts, leaving Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to be our post days (yay!). All posts will be posted on or around 12pm (GMT). Story Time (Darkest Dungeon Narrative Campaign), which has been a dedicated Wednesday, is now moved to a Thursday. If there is anything super important or awesome, then there could be posts outside of the schedule, however for the most part, this is the craic.

Hopefully this means people get content at regular intervals and I don’t go crazy by not following a plan of action. So really, everyone wins! Thanks to everyone who frequents the site, you have made my first year of independent writing absolutely amazing.

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