Epic Games Face Class-Action Lawsuit After Hiring Psychologists To Make Fortnite “As Addictive As Possible”

Hey Cheesey Baps, Toast here. A while back I posted a review of the highly popular and sensationally profitable Fortnite by Epic Games. I liked the game, although it’s appeal is not for everyone and it is certainly not something I continue to play. Whilst I may have escaped its vice like grip, unfortunately others have not been so lucky. In fact in Canada a class-action lawsuit is being prepared, targetting the monolithic title for acquiring its status via nefarious means.

What are these nefarious means you may ask? Simply put, Epic Games allegedly spent “many years” working with psychologists to find the holy grail – to find the secret of addiction and produce the catalyst that would leave players hooked.

Epic Games, when they created Fortnite, for years and years, hired psychologists – they really dug into the human brain and they really made the effort to make it as addictive as possible. They knowingly put on the market a very, very addictive game which was also geared toward youth.

Alessandra Esposito Chartrand – Attorney with Calex Légal

The ‘victims’ in this case are two children, aged 10 and 15. The case hinges on the idea that Epic Games did not do enough to warn people about the dangers of their game. This harkens back to a 2015 class-action suit which targetted tobacco companies for similar reasons. In additon to this, the suit cites that gaming addiction has recently been recognised as a disorder by the World Health Organisation.

In a move that screams underhanded, in order for users to actually play Fortnite, they must give up any right to sue Epic Games. However this may be null and void due to “the province’s Consumer Protection Act requires companies to clearly disclose risks associated with products or services.”

What do I think of all of this? Whilst forcing gamers to relinquish their rights in order to play a game, as well as utilising psychologists to brew the perfect addictive substance is beyond beyond disgusting, let’s not forget this is the games industry we are talking about. Malicious practices are common place, and have been for years now. Loot Boxes, Microtransactions, cut content – these are all ways the industry hooks unsuspecting gamers. This is honestly no different, even if it does leave a one feeling physically sick.

Furthermore Fortnite rocks a 12+ rating. One of the kids in question is only 10. Whilst i genuinely sympathise with the parents, it is unlikely Fortnite is the only reason for their childrens addiction. As a parent, I am firmly in the camp that you need to know what your kids are playing and for how long. In this day and age there is simply no excuse as to why parents are not taking responsibility for not knowing these things. Parental Controls are built into modern consoles for a reason.

What are YOUR thoughts on the latest Fortnite controversy? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Via eurogamer.net

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