EA Sells FIFA 19 Masquerading As FIFA 20!

Hey Danishes, Toast here. For reasons that are beyond my mortal comprehension, EA manage to make billions of their FIFA series each and every year. Many of the most recent titles in the series have landed on Switch, although the ports are a bit naff and not worth picking up for the most part. Rushed, unappealing ports were not enough for EA this time though.

FIFA is often criticised for releasing annual titles without making many significant changes. That is where FIFA 20 Legacy Editon comes into play. Instead of porting FIFA 20, EA decided to literally repackage FIFA 19 and slap a big, fat 20 on it. That’s more or less it.

Oh and the super cool, highly advertised 5v5 mode is completely absent. Because of course it is…

The sheer laziness and bullshit on display here is baffling. It’s borderline illegal. The games shop description states:

gameplay features and modes will have parity with FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch

Amazon UK

That one little line probably saves EA from legal action, but I think it is very clear what has happened here. EA couldn’t be arsed to port the new game, so went and repackaged the old one to con people into literally buying the same game again. Did I mention it retails at almost full price? Disgusting.

Were you bitten by EA’s greed with FIFA 20? Let me know in the comment section below.

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