Mario Kart Tour – Nintendo’s Biggest Failure

Hey Breadsticks, Toast here. Mario Kart Tour has managed to con over 90 million people into downloading their latest smartphone slot machine. Children everywhere have been introduced to the wonders of gambling, and can be exposed to it anywhere and everywhere. As you may have guessed, I harbour quite a bit of hatred for this little “game”.

Regardless of my own opinion on the title, it has certainly proven to be a massive hit in its first week, trouncing the likes of Fire Emblem, Dragalia Lost and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Clearly, this is Nintendo’s greatest success on the platform.

Of course success is subjective, and I find it hard to believe anyone can consider a thinly veiled gambling simulator a true success. Especially from the typically family friendly Big N.

If you want to see my review of Mario Kart Tour, head here and check it out. Let me know what you think of Nintendo’s latest “hit” in the comment section below.

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