What’s Toast Been Playing This Week – 29/09/2019

Hey hot crossed buns, Toast here. This week has seen the return of regular articles, new games and a whole bunch of hectic fun. What better time is there than now to pump out the second ever, and already renamed – What’s Toast Been Playing! Please, hold your applause, I know you’ve been waiting for this with bated breath. For those of you new here, I do shotgun quick breakdowns/mini-reviews on games I’ve been dabbling with this week. Without further ado, let us begin.

Realm Royale

If you’ve been here long, you’ll know I love Hi-Rez Studios. The people who brought us Smite and Paladins return with – Realm Royale. If the title hadn’t already given it away, this is a Battle Royale game; only this time it has chickens. Ok fine, it might have a lil’ more to it than that. Realm Royale takes the popular genre mixes it with fantasy, magic, character classes and the aforementioned chickens. Whilst having an undenialbly Fortnite-esque style, the game looks and plays great. Unfortunately the thing holding it back is its tendency to crash…a lot. I have yet to get more than 1 game in without the damn thing crashing as the second game loads up. A real shame, as the game is heaps of fun. Hopefully a patch with fix this up soon.


I reviewed Paladins way back in January and I loved it. Not surprisingly, I still dabble in the hero shooter from time to time. Since we reviewed Paladins a bunch of patches have come out adding new maps, a couple new heroes to bolster the roster and even a hefty change to the card system. If you haven’t already, check out our indepth review (here) and give it a go yourself. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to literally game with Toasty.

Bad North

Hooboy, has Bad North got its hooks in me again. I’ve yet to formulate a review for this darling of a game, but I did just do a big ol’ ramble on the excellent Jotunn update (check that out here), which added so much new content it beggars belief. RTS refined and distilled to pure perfection. Long story short, you gotta check this out. If you like Vikings, Strategy and literal perfection, you need this in your life.

Untitled Goose Game

This game is so good, so perfectly realised, it might just be my game of the year. This hilarious stealth/puzzler gives you command over a dastardly goose on a mission to ruin the day of a small village. Visually stunning, mechanically great and the inclusion of the honk button just fixes all of lifes problems. The less that is said about the puzzles and plot(?) the better, but if you ever wanted to be a goose, this is the game for you. A review is definitely in the works so keep an eye out for that in the future.

Mario Kart Tour

Where do I even begin with is “game”. Calling this the worst Mario Kart ever to grace our screens, is too kind for this malicious tripe. This a is slot machine with a karting minigame tacked on at best. I had quite the rant about it earlier this week. Check it out here, for the full breakdown. But in short, this is an abomination. A wretched stain on the reputation of the Mario Kart series. Yeah, I really didn’t like this one.

And that about does it for this week. Lots of killing and gambling all neatly tied with up with a charming goose embroided bow. Let us know what games you’ve been playing by posting on the Cooling Rack below.

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