The Nintendo Switch – The ‘Drift’ That Just Keeps Giving

Hey sourdoughs, Toast here. I recently did a somewhat damning ramble on the newest addition to the Switch family – the Lite (check out the full article here). I briefly touched on the idea that due to a lack of changes made to the Lite, there is a real chance the joy-cons might develop a drift. A condition that has plagued Switch users for the last 2 years or so. Well what do you know, ya boy Toast was right.

Like a prophet given divine purpose, my prediction was right, although even I didn’t expect just how quickly the ‘Gift of the Drift‘ would strike. This information came to light when a lawsuit against Nintendo announced it was adding the Switch Lite to it’s roundup of crappy things Nintendo is doing. Basically, Switch Lites are developing drifts in as little as 20 hours after purchase.

I genuinely love Nintendo, so it pains me that they are producing barely functioning tat, whilst charging a ludicrous amount of money for it. This issue has been around for years now. Despite this they have done, and continue to do, nothing to rectify it. It is an absolute disgrace. Going back to as recently as the Wii U, Nintendo hardware was cream of the crop. Practically indestructible. Heck, a Gameboy was found in the ruins of a bomb explosion and it still worked!(check that amazing feat out here) The travesty that is the Switch can’t even survive a few hours, let alone decades. Are these things even stress tested? Probably not.

I will continue to cover Nintendo gadets and gizmos, however the launch of the Switch Lite and the vomit inducing Mario Kart Tour (check out our impressions here) has certainly left a sour taste in my mouth. Nintendo, if you’re reading this, I am not angry. I am just disappointed in you.

Have you picked up a Switch Lite? Have you been bitten by the Gift of the Drift? Let us know in the Cooling Rack down below.

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