Bad North For Nintendo Switch Gets A Jotunn Sized Free Update!

Hey baguettes, Toast here. As us Switch aficionados are well aware, Rogue-Lites are a dime a dozen on the eShop. Those who go digging can find a mountain of truly fantastic titles, one of which was Bad North.

Bad North released to critical acclaim thanks to its perfect blend of RTS, RPG, permadeath and Vikings. Top that with an absolutely stunning minimalist art style and controls to die for, it is of no surprise this indie gem made waves.

I have sunk 40+ hours into Bad North and loved every second of it (this ain’t a review, but I do highly recommend checking it out). To my surprise, as if out of the Viking infested fog, comes a massive free update. Not only does it improve upon the already delicious gameplay, but goes above and beyond by adding more a shedload of new content.

The aptly named Jotunn Edition of Bad North dropped today, dishing out a bevy of tweaks and changes. Firstly, your starting force of plucky warriors can be customised. Everything from portraits, to unique passive traits, to starting equipment can now be set. This massively removes RNG from the formula and allows you to fine tune your force for maximum killing potential.

Speaking of equipment they’ve added a bunch of new armaments to deck your squads out; once again adding to the depth and customisation of your units. All these nice changes will be required as Very Hard mode makes its debut. Natually this makes an already difficult game, significantly more challenging.

If challenge isn’t for you, or permadeath puts you off; then have no fear. Bad North is rocking checkpoints in the likely case your party wipes. This allows you to continue battling if you so desire. You can even replay levels, a feature that lets you grind for gold to tart out your army in all the bling.

In an age where greedy corporations milk their games for all they are worth, Bad North: Jotunn Edition comes along and gifts us with a fantastic update to an already phenominal game. If you own the game and haven’t played for a while, then there is plenty of new things to play with here(more than I’ve mentioned in this brief splurge of excitement). If you have yet to play the game, then this is easily the best way to play Bad North and I whole heartedly recommend you give it a whirl.

Have you played Bad North? Are you planning on picking it up? What are your thoughts? Let us know on the Cooling Rack below!

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