Hi Rez – Leading The Charge In The War For Cross Platform Support

Hey cinamon and raisen bagels, Toast here. Ever since I was a wee lad I have loathed the console war. I was a big Nintendo fan, some of my friends were Xbox fans and a couple were diehard Playstationers. It sucked that none of us could play the latest CoD together, or Fifa or, well, anything. There have been a few high profile rumblings recently with games like Rocket League, Minecraft and even Fortnite offering at least some form of cross platform nowadays. However the true paragons of Cross Platform are absolutely the F2P darlings at Hi-Rez.

For those not in the know, we here at the Toaster reviewed their Switch offerings fairly well, with both Paladins and Smite getting a fair amount of coverage by us. Throw in their Battle Royale endeavour Realm Royale, a game we will certainly be grilling at somepoint in the future, and you start to see why we love Hi-Rez’s efforts thus far. Every single one of their games is currently Cross Platform between the Xbox, PC and Switch, with the PS4 rocking out by itself until recently with reports they are joining the party soon.

Cross platform is obviously the Holy Grail of multiplayer gaming, but what if you own a Switch and a PS4, or an Xbox and a PC? Do you lose all your progress and purchases between accounts? Well no, for the most part. Hi-Rez took their humongous buttering knife and lathered their products in a special margerine known as Cross Progression. This little gem allows you to play some Smite on your Switch whilst on the commute to work, play Smite on your work computer and subsequently get fired, then head home and play some more Smite on your PC and everything you’ve done has been carried over. XP, Skins, Characters; the lot.

Since the launch of Smite in particular, I have enjoyed playing with my friends who are playing on every platform under the sun (we even stream it!). Truly this is the future of gaming. I can finally play Paladins on my Switch, head to the toilet and play against my son on his PS4 whilst murdering my friends on PC. As you can imagine, there are no greater pleasures in life. As more and more publishers realising that fracturing your player base into tiny camps hurts the longevity of the game, this practice will only get more common.

Whilst not the only Developer to do Cross Platform and Cross Progression, Hi-Rez’s dedication to the craft should not he over looked. They have united gamers from across the great Console War after decades of conflict. For that, they get the Toasty banner of approval.

Which games do you play Cross Platform? Did we miss any? Do you play Smite, Paladins or Realm Royale? Let us know in the Cooling Rack down below.

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