The Switch Lite – Missed Opportunity Given Physical Form

Hey ciabattas, Toast here. As I am sure you are all aware, the ‘Big N‘ has recently launched the much awaited Switch Lite. Early reports are showing it’s selling like hotcakes, which is all fine and well; I mean we all like seeing Nintendo going from strength to strength. I just can’t shake the feeling that the Switch Lite is a little bit crap. Guess I better go ahead and explain why.

Cast your mind back a few years; the Switch was announced: portable home console gaming was about to be a thing, you could slap that bad boy into a dock and play at home. It was a dream come true. Then they announce a super sleek model that is smaller, lighter, has a better D-Pad and is rocking a solid frame with built in Joy-Cons. Am I in heaven? Those white buttons on the sexy yellow Lite…it was everything I never knew I wanted.

Then they go and balls the whole bloody thing up. You take this beautiful machine and turn it from a Switch to a fricken Stays, as in it Stays in handheld mode. Forever. Why? The Switch is a wonderful console that is a bit too heavy and clunky for continuois handheld play and the joy-cons wobble a bit making it feel weirdly flimsy. The Switch Lite would seemingly fix all of these problems. A solid, light, elegant system that rocks a better battery to boot. But no, we are stuck with this.

Removing the ability to play on your TV completely gimps a large portion of your install bases desire to update to the new model. I think I am safe to assume most people utilise the Switch’s docked and handheld mode and alternate fairly frequently. Take away that freedom and people who like the idea of a proper D-Pad and a sturdier machine simply can’t enjoy one of the core features the Switch was built on. It literally only appeals to 100% hardcore handhelders, a breed of Switch owners I imagine aren’t all that common.

This decision to remove the docking capability truly rustles my jarmies. It is beyond baffling why they would release the Switch Lite and gimp it to the point of near uselessness. Heck, if you break open the Lite, you’ll find that the Joy-Cons are more or less identical to the base Switch, which means drifting is a real concern 1 year from now.

Overall the Switch Lite screams missed potential . It is the manifestation of disappointment. Drop £200 for a handicapped Switch that has all of its redeeming qualities overshadowed by its questionable design and crappy Joy-Cons. A true let down.

What do YOU think of the Switch Lite? Lemme know if you think we’ve gotten it all wrong in the cooling rack below.

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