What’s In The Toaster? – 23/03/2019

Hey guys and welcome to the first post in the ‘What’s In The Toaster’ series. This will be a weekly article that gives you a little insight in what it is Team Toast is playing that week. Not all of these games will get coverage on the site beyond this, but as a general rule of thumb – if it is on here, there is probably an article brewing somewhere. Now that the introduction is over, lets dive right on into it.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima

I have been looking into picking up this game for years now (the original release anyway) but never really go around to it. With Square Enix having a sale on the Nintendo eShop dropping the price by a tasty 50%, I ran out of excuses and took the plunge. My initial impressions are fairly positive. Imagine Pokemon in the Final Fantasy universe and you have a general idea of what to expect. I’ve played maybe 5 hours so far and have certainly been feeling the urge to play more. It is definitely a slow burner however, especially in terms of story and systems. The characters are kind teeter between annoying and boring with the only exception thus far being your adorable squirrel sidekick. Despite my mixed reaction thus far, I have high hopes that this epic mish-mash of ‘Fantasy’s’ picks up and becomes a little bit more interesting.

Into The Breach

If you have picked up anything from my blog, it is that I absolutely adore ‘Rogue-Lites’. There is just something magical about the procedural generation, perma-death and that oh so satisfying ‘one more run’ feeling. Like World of Final Fantasty Maxima, I put off picking up Into The Breach for a really long time. I had played FTL extensively (Subset Games previous title) back in the day, so why it took months for me to get around to Into The Breach baffles me.

Into the Breach is astonishingly good. Whenever I sit down to play on my Switch I cycle through my Library and it always becomes a decision between Into The Breach and a game I don’t want to play as much as Into The Breach. You take command of a team 3 time travellers who leap back in time to save the world from the subterranean Vek – a species bent on eliminating mankind. The time mechanics are beautifully realised with enemies attacks being telegraphed ahead of time forcing you to make life or death decisions constantly. If and when you fail, your team bails out of that timeline and you get to bring one of your pilots into the next timeline. It feels like a game of Chess, only you have giant robots and Starship Trooper-esque bugs running around the board.

I am currently many hours in and like a total pro, I have nabbed a single solitary victory. If I ever stop getting massacred by the Vek, I will definitely be dropping a review.


A few weeks ago I wrote a pretty dope review for Smite, and for those of you who have read it know I was singing its praises. Uniquely to Smite however, after my review I have continued to play it obsessively. Just as with Into The Breach, Smite is on my list of games I want to play whenever I get a spare 20 minutes. I even stream with my buddy RedLethalPanda on Twitch on a Saturday (around 7pm GMT) so feel free to checkout my woefully average gameplay if you ever want a laugh. In terms of progress, I am dancing around Level 30 with maybe 10 tiers left on my Battlepass. Being the hero I am, I of course main Support aka the real Carry. One day I will stop playing Smite, but Odin only knows when that will be.

So yeah, I am playing 2 games I am struggling to separate with on an emotional level and one game that is kinda meh that I am hoping gets good in the next 35 hours or so. Tune in next week for another rip-roaring adventure through gaming.

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