Everyone Can Be Squid And A Kid! – Splatoon 2 Demo And More!

If you haven’t heard of Splatoon, or more specifically Splatoon 2 you must have been hermitting away under a shell somewhere (sea jokes…). Roughly 8 million people have purchased and experienced the high octane ink-fest – but Nintendo are not content with a mere 8 million, oh no. All us Switch owners get to get our grubby tentacles on the Splatoon 2 limited time demo.

Starting Tuesday 19th March at 15:00 (CET) and ending Monday 25th March at 14:59 (CET) squids and kids around the world can download this ‘Special’ demo. This nets them immediate access to 4v4 Turf Battles, Salmon Run (a cooperative horde-esque mode) as well as League and Ranked battles. Participants will be able to play with friends who participate in the demo, as well as players who own the full title so there is no excuse to whip out your double barrelled ink-blaster and splat with your mates.

Of course all of this talk of online play means registering to Nintendo’s Online Service right? Well sort of. Participants will receive an email granting them a 7-day free trial. You can even use this code if you have previously used a free trial code in the past. So not only are you getting access to Splatoon 2, but also Tetris 99 and Nintendo’s ever expanding NES game collection. That is one hell of a deal.

But that is not all. For those who enjoy their 7 days of splattering you can pick up Splatoon 2 with a tasty 33% off if you purchase through the Nintendo E-Shop. Demo progress is also transferred to the full game if you decide to splash the cash. So yeah, you better get to it Squiddies. You’ve got work to do!

For more information about the Splatoon 2 Special Demo, swim on over to https://splatoon.nintendo.com.

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