Metroid Prime 4 Cancelled?

The Metroid series has had a tumultuous history. Entire decades have passed without an entry, but Nintendo have always broken the silence and deliver a top quality product. Metroid has been in hibernation since Other M in 2010. However fans got there first glimmer of hope in 2017 with the announcement of Metroid Prime 4. Unfortunately, it looks like the series has once again hit some turbulence and it appears the game has been cancelled.

In a video released yesterday, Shinya Takahashi of Nintendo announced the challenging development cycle Metroid Prime 4 has had. He also had the unfortunate honour of informing the world the game has been scrapped. Just as fans hearts fell into despair, Nintendo gave us a little bit of hope. Mr Takahashi announced that they would be roping in Retro Studios – the original creators of the Metroid Prime Series – to pick up the project, and start again from scratch.

So on the one side, we have had 2 years of eager anticipation dashed in an instant, but on the other we have been given Retro Studios. So whilst I am bitterly disappointed that I will have to wait years for a new entry to the Metroid series, I am glad that care of the series has been given to the ever capable hands of Retro.

Check out the announcement below. For more Metroid coverage, drop a like and follow.

4 thoughts on “Metroid Prime 4 Cancelled?

      1. Mhmm. But not cancelled right? I didn’t think they were calling it cancelled. Because its still coming, just significantly later now lol.


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