SMITE Releases on Switch

The Switch is no stranger to top-notch free-to-play titles, and Hi-Rez are leading the charge with their second dip onto the plucky hybrid. SMITE: Battleground of the Gods landed today, and through the Founder’s Pack, players can access closed beta. But that not all, early adopters will also unlock special loot, including the Limited skin, Dragon Empress Scylla. Hi-Rez have commented on the release by saying:

30 million players have experienced the online battle arena on PC, Xbox, and Playstation 4. And now, SMITE is the only game of its kind on four platforms. Switch players can experience the same action-packed battles in gorgeous 60 frames per second. A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is not needed to compete in the variety of game modes.

So what do you get for your money when you pick up the Founders Pack?

  • Closed beta access: Players can be one of the first to compete on Switch.
  • The Ultimate God Pack: Unlocks all current and future Gods, including the newest addition, King Arthur, and the upcoming Master of Magic, Merlin
  • The aforementioned Dragon Empress Scylla: A Limited skin only available through the Founder’s Pack
  • Dashing Deceiver Loki: A fan favourite skin for this infamous trickster
  • 400 Gems: Instantly unlock gems to start building your skin collection

SMITE on Switch will receive all the premium trimmings seen across all other platforms, including monthly updates, new Gods, balance tweaks and events. Cross-play is also available, allowing SMITE players to cooperate and collide on the battleground. As a final cherry to sweeten up the veterans, SMITE has announced cross-progression, which allows players to access their Gods, skins and progression across platforms.

Finally, check out this awesome trailer for the Switch version to give you a taste of what to expect:

Keep an eye out for more SMITE coverage in the coming weeks. See you on the Battleground!

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