Realm Royale Now Free-to-Play on Console

As January comes to a close, Hi-Rez are riding high with the imminent drop of Smite on Switch, and now the Free-to-Play release of Realm Royale on PS4 and Xbox One.

2019 starts strong for Heroic Leap Games’ Realm Royale officially entering Open Beta to bring its class-based, fantasy themed battle royale gameplay to millions more players after a massive initial launch in Early Access on PC via Steam.

Starting on January 22nd, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will be able to download and enter the Realm for free. Additionally, PlayStation Plus members will get access to Realm’s brand new Battle Pass free of charge. With cross play enabled between Xbox and PC, players will test their skills against others from a massive player pool and be able to play with their friends on different platforms.

In addition to this, Heroic Leap have released some information on their recent partnership with Discord:

“Realm Royale is heading into the best year ever in 2019. The millions of players we saw in 2018 have worked with us to create a new evolution of the Battle Royale genre,” says Rory Newbrough. “Our team has been hard at work building an aggressive release schedule for the whole year and beyond – full frequent updates that will see continued improvements to the game along with new ways to play.”

Heroic Leap Games has also partnered with Discord, the #1 chat platform for gamers, to bring Realm Royale to the Discord Store on January 22nd for all gamers who use the ubiquitous chat service. Discord Nitro members that download and play Realm will get access to the new Steel and Shadow Battle Pass for free, as well as receive the exclusive Sprinkles skin for Realm’s iconic chicken.

Realm Royale also has a verified Discord server with nearly 30,000 members ready and waiting to do battle in the Realm and you can join them here. Stay tuned for more news coming soon as part of this partnership.

If you are already a fan of Realm Royale then the first patch is due to drop bringing a bunch changes. These include:

  • A brand new Talent System, allowing players to earn XP through play to further evolve the four available classes in the game. With each success on the battlefield, players can rise through mastery ranks and gain perks such as increased damage, faster healing and more.
  • The large catalog of available weapons now includes both the Assault Rifle and the Submachine Gun. Players have a chance to wield them by looting the chests that dot the map, by crafting them at a forge, or by scavenging them from defeated foes.
  • A brand new Steel and Shadow Battle Pass. By earning XP and advancing through the levels over time, players can unlock Pirate cosmetics, Ninja outfits, all new mounts with which to traverse the Realm, and more!

Pop on over and check out the latest Realm Royale Patch Update Post for a more in-depth exploration of the new updates, the Steel and Shadow Battle Pass, and more.

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