Fortnite – Which Version Is The Best?

Fortnite has taken the world by storm (pun very much intended), and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. It is so popular I am willing to bet every penny in my wallet that by 2020 we will have Fortnite on our smart toasters. Whilst we wait for that inevitability, we have a number of platforms in which to play Fortnite, but which is best? PC, Console, Mobile or weird hybrid console/handheld thing that Nintendo made…Fear not, for I am here to tell you exactly which version is best. Feel free to burn me alive at the end.


I think this is probably the easiest category to judge. If you have PC to run Fortnite on EPIC settings, then yes, you will have access to the best graphics Fortnite has to offer.

If your PC is a bit lacklustre then your next best bet will be the consoles. These guys might not hold a candle to the almighty PC Master Race, but they throw out some very impressive visuals at a crisp 60FPS.

On the lower end of bracket we have the Switch. Whilst it is certainly impressive seeing Fortnite run on the system, it is capped at 30FPS which may or may not hamper your enjoyment. On top of that, the graphical fidelity, especially at long range, is not on the same level as your traditional consoles. Unfortunately the game is also plagued with performance issues, especially in docked mode which is a real shame. When in handheld mode a lot of these issues tend to disappear, so that would be the preferred method of play.

Rolling on in at the bottom, we have the mobile version. Whilst the game does run, it does not run particularly well, even on modern phones. The smaller screen is cluttered with the interface, the graphical fidelity leaves a lot to be desired and your appendages tend to get in the way. Clear last place, even with the Switch’s graphical issues.

  1. PC
  2. PS4/Xbox One
  3. Switch
  4. Mobile


Unlike graphics, this is a much harder category to judge as it comes to down to personal preference. However, I think for the most part the PC version comes out ahead again. With the precision of mouse and keyboard you consistently have the upper hand against your console counterparts.

Coming in with a surprising second place is the Switch. Whilst the base Joy Con is probably below the other consoles, the Pro controller combined with the gyro controls absolutely elevate the Switch version. There is something to be said about those minor adjustments to your aim that makes the Switch version so satisfying to play, even in handheld mode.

Number 3 is of course consoles. Whilst lacking gyro aim, your standard controller is far from unplayable, and many gamers prefer this method of play. In fact, YouTuber Ali-A went on a PC-killing rampage using a controller during a fairly recent gaming event. You’re definitly not losing out by playing on consoles.

Once again we have the Mobile version coming up a bit short. The controls on mobile are clunky, finicky, uncomfortable and require an ungodly amount of fiddling to actually get working. Heck, if you actually want to play the game seriously you need to adopt the claw, a method of holding you phone that will likely give you serious cramp followed by actual death.

  1. PC
  2. Switch
  3. PS4/Xbox One
  4. Mobile


So this a bit of a one sided category, but one that absolutely needs to be addressed. The Switch easily comes in at number 1 here. With its small size, comparatively high quality visuals and great controls you just cant really knock the Switch here. Heck, I find myself playing the Switch version in handheld on my couch instead of loading up my PS4 from time to time. You just can’t knock it really.

PC actually comes in second place here. This is because laptops exist. Laptops fall short compared to the Switch for a number of reasons. Firstly, you need extra peripherals if you want to play properly since nobody wants to use a tracker pad. Secondly they are much larger than the Switch which makes them less appealing to lug around. Finally, they are not as comfortable to play when lounging around the house.

Mobile is the obvious third place finisher here. This is simply because you can play Fortnite pretty much anywhere, without any real hassle. Sure your controls suck and your visuals are a bit on the low end, but being able to go on an extended toilet break at work and knock out a Victory Royale on the John is a feature i’m sure all gamers will appreciate.

Consoles are last. Nobody wants to lug around a classic PS4, a 21 inch TV, a controller and a ludicrously large power pack just to play Fortnite on console. At least I hope nobody does…

  1. Switch
  2. PC
  3. Mobile
  4. Console


Another one-sided category here. If you shell out the money PC and Console gamers get access to all of Fortnite Battle Royale as well as Fortnite Save the World. Simply put, the Mobile and Switch versions don’t have this option. Rumours are flying that this might come to Switch eventually, but I am doubtful the plucky little hybrid could run it adequately enough to warrant the port.

  1. Console/PC
  2. Switch/Mobile


So I am fairly certain up until this point most people probably agree with my points. So I imagine everyone is wondering why I fear the witch hunt. Well that is because the Number One Best Version Of Fortnite is:

Switch…kind of…

So yeah, this is a total cop out. But here me out. Whilst it is not as graphically impressive as some of its competitors the Switch is the version I play the most. Why? Because portability and gyro are a big deal. I find myself sitting down and grinding out a couple games on the couch, hitting up friends online whilst I am on the bus, grabbing work colleagues and jumping into squads on my lunch break. You just don’t get that from any other version of Fortnite unless you fork out on a Laptop and lug that behemoth around.

But we just cannot ignore the fact that the Switch version does not run as well as it should. Whether this is because of hardware limitations or a rushed port I can’t really say. So this is where the PC comes in. If portability is not a factor that this is the clear winner. The graphics are top notch, the performance unmatched and controls buttery smooth.

Regardless of which version you play, Fortnite is just jam packed with fun. So no matter which battle bus you skydive from, you’re going to have a good time.

Whilst I am barricading my doors to prevent the hordes of angry gamers, let me know below what your preferred method of playing Fortnite is.

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